How to Make huge Profit in Goat Framing

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How to Make Huge Profit in Goat Farming

How to make a profit from goat rearing industry?

Earn upto 20 Lakhs a year through goat rearing … you have to follow the right steps for that …


For better results follow the steps seriously

1. Breeding goats should be selected according to the climatic conditions and climate of the goat rearing area.
2. With 1 acre for 10 goats for green fodder cultivation, the land should always be ready (own or leased).
3. Must have stocks of processed food such as seaweed, plate, urn, flag. (There will be a problem in harvesting green fodder during the rainy season. Processed feed will be handed over at such times.
4. Goats should be housed at a rate of one goat per 4 square feet. Changing the bar frequently can help prevent sore feet and disease in sheep.
5. All goats should be under surveillance. Only then can symptoms be cured immediately.

What are the reasons for loss in goat farming industry? How can they be prevented?










1. The bank will definitely incur a loss on the price of feed for the goats. Livestock feed should be produced.


2. Goats should be bought in small numbers and raised through breeding.


3. Building should not incur high costs to house sheep.


4. Lambs should be ready for sale within 4 or 5 months


If the above mentioned steps are followed, goat rearing can be done profitably without any loss.

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